Results Matter.

Find Resolution In Shareholder And Co-Owner Disputes With Lexington Attorneys

When you do business with partners or shareholders, disagreements are inevitable—even among the most amicable ownership groups. Disputes can arise over virtually any aspect of company operations, from strategic decisions and fiduciary duties to profit distributions and governance issues.

Left unresolved, these internal conflicts can spiral out of control, jeopardizing the health and future of the business you’ve worked so hard to build. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced shareholder disputes attorney who can protect your rights and interests.

At Miller Edwards Rambicure PLLC in Lexington, we understand the complexities involved in shareholder and partnership disputes. For our team, results matter. We’ve handled multiple business and commercial law cases in Kentucky, so you can trust that we will handle your dispute matter.

There’s no one approach to settling these disputes; we’ll work closely with you to explore all possible options.

Strategically Defusing Business Disputes

Our skilled attorneys have successfully represented clients in conflicts involving:

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty or shareholder agreements
  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Self-dealing or misappropriation claims
  • Deadlocks over major business decisions
  • Dissolution and business valuation
  • Co-owner/partner buyouts

We know how disruptive and distracting these internal power struggles can become. Our attorneys pursue the most strategic path, whether that’s negotiating an equitable settlement or aggressively litigating the dispute through trial if necessary.

Preventing Future Conflicts Through Shareholder Agreements

One of the best ways to avoid costly partnership or shareholder battles down the road is to establish a comprehensive shareholder agreement from the start. Our team at Miller Edwards Rambicure PLLC can draft and review shareholder agreements that establish governance, profit/loss distribution, exit strategies and more, providing a clear roadmap to prevent future disputes.

Don’t Let Internal Conflicts Derail Your Business

Whether you need skilled negotiators or fierce courtroom advocates, our lawyers are committed to achieving a positive outcome for your business and protecting your financial interests. Contact Miller Edwards Rambicure PLLC today at 859-365-2535 or email us to discuss your unique situation and how we can help resolve your shareholder or partnership disagreements.